Critical Illness Cover


Everyone hopes that they will remain fit and healthy for their entire life, however sadly this isn’t always the case. Should a time arise when you receive unfortunate news regarding your health, all of your strength and efforts should be focused on doing whatever is physically possible to ensure that you achieve some of the very best treatment and care for your health situation.

Most critical illnesses require a prolonged period of time away from work, which in turn may create financial hardship. Critical Illness cover can provide a lump sum in order to give you the financial foundation that your personal finances are taken care of. Talk to Infinity Financial Advice to see how simple it can be to create financial security for you and those closest to you.

Lottery of Life

The UK adult population regularly plays National Lottery Games1. Yet you’re much more likely to suffer a serious illness than see your numbers come up.

Why gamble on your future?

Having the right protection to suit your lifestyle means you’re much more prepared financially should you suffer a serious illness.

Winning the lottery jackpot 1 in 13,983,816 chance2

Having a stroke 1 in 6 chance3

Getting diagnosed with cancer 1 in 3 chance4

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